Footwear elevating runners to a new level ORPHE TRACK


Simply wear it and
learn everything
about your running.

Run injury free. Improve your record. OEPHE TRACK is smart footwear that helps runners to achieve their goals. The mounted sensor module measures every single step of your run, identifying how you place your feet, the type of footstrike and symmetry.
Feedback is then provided based on the results of precision analysis. It enables a detailed review of running form that was previously unachievable without extensive measurement equipment.

What Orphe Track offers

Real-time analysis of
key running metrics

How your feet strike the ground (footstrike), the rotation of the ankle when hitting the ground (pronation), ground contact time (left-right balance), stride length, cadence, etc. ORPHE TRACK monitors these metrics for every step of your run and shows feedback results based on precision analysis on the dedicated app.
* The number of values ORPHE TRACK can monitor will continue to increase.

  • Footstrike

    Sensors monitor every step of your run to identify whether your footstrike is forefoot, midfoot or heel.

  • Pronation

    The gait cycle (walking cycle) is analyzed to identify the angle of the ankle at the time of contact with the ground.

  • Ground contact time

    The ground contact time is independently measured for both left and right foot to analyze ground contact balance.

  • Stride

    6-axis motion sensor measures the runner’s stride length in real time.

  • Cadence

    Cadence is calculated at high precision based on time between steps. Monitoring subtle changes helps to identify flaws in running form.

The number of values ORPHE TRACK can analyze will continue to increase by updates.

Receive up-to-date information


Just 3 simple steps to use Orphe Track



Install the “ORPHE CORE” in
ORPHE-compatible shoes.



Run like normal.



Check the results on the app.


Weight [Approx.] about 30g(One shoe only)
Connections Bluetooth
Sensor Realtime 6 axis sensor
Notification Full color LED Vibration motor
Connector micro USB
Other Features USB − micro USB Bifurcated cable
System requirements iPhone 7 or later iOS or later
Size 24.0 cm 26.0 cm 27.0 cm 28.0 cm
Weight [Approx.] 325g
Color Black
Correspond ORPHE CORE Compatible with ORPHE CORE 1.0 inserts
SHOES + CORE ¥29,800
APPS ¥0/month

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What is the lineup of shoe sizes?
The current lineup is the following size.
24.0cm 26.0cm 27.0cm 28.0cm
What is the weight of the shoes?
The weight of the shoes is approximately 350g.
It is about the same weight as a general training running shoe.
I want to use ORPHE TRACK for product development. What should I do?
ORPHE TRACK analyzes foot movement in real time and can acquire data by wireless communication.
It can be applied to general healthcare and medical treatment as well as running.
Please contact our support team for more information.

Receive up-to-date information

Feedback from runners will be welcomed and appreciated.

ORPHE TRACK is working on agile development by receiving feedback and improving in order, to become a truly valuable product for users.

In this beta testing, we will use the data, recorded from runners who actually use ORPHE TRACK at Imperial Palace Running Course, for product further development.
Join us and be an early adopter of new technology for the future of running.

Subject Runners
Venue Running Station JOGLIS
Period From April 15, 2019
Reception time Weekdays: 7:00 – 21:00
Saturdays: 7:00 – 17:30
Sundays / Holidays: 7:00 – 16:30
Participation fee Free of charge
Notes Rental iPhone is available for use at the testing.
No rental when it rains.
For those who are not a JOGLIS member, facility usage fee will be charged.
Business hours may vary depending on the event schedule. Please check the website of JOGLIS.
Reception time may be different from the regular business hours when crowded.
Click here for reservation form.