ORPHE ONE has discontinued production, sales and support.

Where can I buy Orphe?

Please visit the web site of Orphe.

Which colors are available?

Orphe is available in 2 colors, white and black.

Which sizes are available?

  • US5.5/23.5cm
  • US7.5/25.5cm
  • US9/27.0cm
  • US10.5/28.5cm
  • US12/30.5cm

5 different sizes are available.

Why Orphe?

Orphe is not just for expanding an artist’s performance but can also be integrated with multiple art forms or activities. Dance, music, fashion, light painting, sports, healthcare, VR, games, film, etc. can all be combined with Orphe to enable new forms of expression.

How can I use Orphe with my smartphone and Mac?

We have an iOS/Android application “Orphe App” and a Mac application “HUB App”. Please check the instructions for how to use.

Is Orphe waterproof?

Orphe is not waterproof. Water can damage electronic parts inside Orphe causing failure or injury. Please be careful of exposing Orphe to water.

Are there any restrictions when using Orphe?

Please do not expose Orphe to excessive force (i.e. kicking a ball), or crush or deform any part of the shoe.

What’s the guarantee policy for used default?

Fix and replacement on a fee is applied within 30 days from the date purchased. Free fix and replacement is available before its use.
Please contact our support team for more information.