ORPHE ONE has discontinued production, sales and support.

Orphe is smart footwear system. It has almost 100 individually controllable LEDs and 9 axis motion sensors which are 3 -axis acceleration / 3-axis angular velocity / 3 -axis geomagnetic, and Bluetooth Low Energy module.

Orphe itself can function and its lighting system and color variation is very impressive that you have never seen before.

By using Bluetooth, you can connect to Orphe App [iOS/Android] or HUB App[MacOS] or SDK, and use more extended functions such as

Design “SCENE” (combination of light and sound) by smartphone
Adjust sensitivity for gestures recognition
Sending motion datas to computer to control and play sound and video by Mac.

In the box you will find:

  • Orphe shoes
  • microUSB 2 cables
  • user guide/warranty card

How to use Orphe?

How to start Orphe

Main button is on top of battery/bluetooth module. By long press on it, you can start Orphe and make it sleep.


Bluetooth paring mode comes first when you start Orphe. During its process, you can connect to smartphone/Mac with bluetooth.

What is “Pairing mode”?

In pairing mode you can connect Orphe with smartphones or Mac devices. When pairing mode is active, those devices can search for Orphe and connect via the Orphe app. In paring mode Orphe will light up as in this animation.
You can start pairing mode by pushing the main button 3 times or by toe tapping 3 times.

If you wish to connect to smartphone or Mac, go to [Use Orphe with connecting to smartphone or Mac]. If not, go to [Use stand-alone

If you do not connect to any devices for 30 seconds, paring mode shuts down automatically and go back to first SCENE.

Use Orphe with connecting to Orphe App

First of all, please make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.

When you start the Orphe app, the setup screen to connect with Orphe appears.
Push the main button 3 times to start pairing mode.
When the app finds Orphe in pairing mode, a yellow button appears.
Tap this button to connect Orphe with the app.
If this is the first time connecting Orphe with the app, tap the button to register the details of your Orphe – the name, size and right or left shoe.
Connect another Orphe with the app using the same method.
After connecting both shoes, tap the next button that appears at the bottom screen to go to the SCENE selection screen.
Once the SCENE selection screen appears, Orphe will light up as per the currently selected SCENE. You can select each SCENE and also edit them. Please go to Orphe app [iOS/Android] to see how to use the Orphe app.

Use stand-alone

After canceling paring mode, automatically go to SCENE select. Every time when you push main button twice, SCENE will be switched. As initial setting, Orphe has 7 different SCENE.

How to sleep Orphe

To enter sleep mode, long press the main button.

How to Charge Orphe

MicroUSB charging port is inside cover of shoe tongue. Insert microUSB cable into charging port and connect to Mac or AC adaptor. (Orphe does not come with AC adapter)
When Orphe is charging, the LEDs will activate as in the above animation.

Full charge will be completed in 30 min~ 1 hour. After it’s completed, it will automatically go back to first SCENE.
Note: While recharging, you cannot change the SCENE or enable sleep mode.